Quality content for Eurocell

Part of Facta's remit for Eurocell plc is the inception and drafting of quality content for social media. This is less about generating tweets or Facebook posts about, say, branch openings or charity fun runs - the company generally takes care of those itself - and more about creating substantial pieces designed to engage the business' various audiences.

These are drafted weekly and generally involve having an opinion on the UK housing sector, construction industry, energy efficiency or notable or amusing surveys concerned with home improvements.

Having such a 'big' opinion with such frequency is not as easy as it sounds; and harks back to the partners' and associates' days as magazine editors when writing the weekly or monthly 'leader' was considered among the harder parts of the job. That applies today, yet is also highly stimulating, thought provoking and exploits our experience to the full. It's also, acutally, quite fun.

Recent topics include Millennials and DIY; the Autumn Statement; the stress associated with employing tradespeople; the nature and mix of modern speculative development; Build to Rent and Robot Builders.

Have a look here: Eurocell LinkedIn or here Eurocell News and see what you think, It is, as they say, all our own work.