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Facta is evangelical about communications that revolve around detail, difference, delivery and value.
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About Facta

Facta is an award-winning media and marketing communications specialist to the construction, engineering, automotive (especially EV) and allied industries.

It is utterly focused on detail, delivery, difference and value.

Its core business is dynamic content generation, and B2B press and public relations. 

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Latest News

Bricks off the old block

We love projects like this one. These 100-year-old bricks have just been laid for the second time in their lives in a great project that combines a heritage building with new-build. These projects require more capital investment, yet by restoring and reviving old buildings, how much more value do they – and we – add to communities and urban environments?


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The height of concern

Although one might foolishly be tempted to take some tiny crumb of comfort from the fact that the numbers of construction deaths resulting from falls from height has reduced ever-so slightly in the past few years, the latest report from the All Party Parliamentary Group on Working at Height still makes for grim reading.

As result, it’s imperative that the sector redoubles its safety training efforts to ensure that all its workers can be confident of coming home in one piece at the end of the day. The onus falls on all of us – in our case, an agency that finds itself on scaffolds and ladders conducting interviews or overseeing photography – to ensure the highest standards are maintained and properly communicated to those at risk.



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