It's a Facta life...

Like you, Facta is evangelical about communications that revolve around detail, difference, delivery and value. As with your business, our core purpose is to create and add value for our customers - whether in public relations, media planning and buying, training or through strategic consultancy. By doing this, we never forget that our success can only be a by-product of yours. So why are we hung up about such things?

facta detailBecause that's where success lies. Whether looking to Sir Terry Leahy, Linda Bennett or Sir Clive Woodward for inspiration, you know that success is a function of doing the simple things well (again and again and again) and a consequence of rigorously applying the basics.

electricalBecause that's where success lies. While no-one wants to be at the 'bleeding edge', being stuck in the pack isn't going to get you anywhere. Difference in quality, detail or ideas is about separating clients from the mob. By seeking opportunities to display difference, to be better, Facta delivers.

paintingBecause that's where success lies. Where the objective is specific, measurable and deliverable, it will be achieved. Contradictorily, this isn't simply about a slavish adherence to measurement (because people end up only doing what they can measure). It's about combining ambition and dynamism with realism and pragmatism to produce results. And Facta does, just that.

plumbingBecause that's where success lies. In cold, commercial terms, value is the outcome of the 'business benefit over price' equation. That should be enough. Facta is competitive, cost-effective, hard-working and, ultimately, great value.

And because of all that, Facta brings clarity, vision, efficiency and, above all, action to any communications relationship.