Business as usual!

Given recent events, we thought we’d let you know that – for the time being – it’s business as usual at Facta.

Some years ago, we switched to a cloud-based virtual desktop (aka VESK) that is perfectly geared for home working.

That – alongside Dropbox, Google Drive, Buffer, Hootsuite, WeTransfer and all the apps – means that we are fully resourced, have complete access to all our collateral and, all things being equal, you won’t notice any difference.

While our London offices remain open, we don’t see ourselves attending for the foreseeable.

Where ‘non-essential’ meetings (e.g. editor briefings) are planned, we envisage these being postponed – although we will, to an extent, leave that to the discretion of our guests and all necessary precautions will be taken – while essential meetings (e.g. client) we expect to become virtual.

Otherwise, we are working hard to ensure that there will be no disruption to our services, and look forward to the day normality, whatever that is for you, is resumed.

We are all well, we hope you are and that we all stay that way!